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Our knowledgebase fully complies with latest java version of High Five (H5) without any addons. Drop rate is set to x5. In weapon and armor lists you see only items that are available in game by normal player.
In skill list skills that are implemented in java are in green color, not implemented - in gray color.
Items that are not listed can be found in search (listed in gray color).
You can use "%" (replases a set of symbols) and "_" (replaces one symbol, and be used instead of apostrophe in search) for extended search.

This knowledgebase is based upon L2J.RU server, using L2JServer java engine. If you play another version of java or official server, there can be difference in data.

Interlude knowledgebase (russian interface only)

Hellbound knowledgebase (russian interface only)

Gracia part 1&2 knowledgebase (russian interface only)

Gracia Final knowledgebase (russian and english)

Gracia Epilogue knowledgebase (russian and english)

Freya knowledgebase (russian and english)

05.11.2015 - Sorry for disconnection, we will continue to support this project and it's not going to close.

15.12.2011 - Drop lists have been updated, other information has been synchronized with latest High Five server version.

24.06.2011 Character skill trees have been updated to H5. You can find Holy Pommander skills in 2-nd profession skills on level 76.

04.06.2011 - High Five (H5) database has been added.

04.01.2011 - Freya database has been added. Separate section for skills has been added, "Classes" section moved there, also augmentation and residence skills have been added. In new "Tools" section you can find old leveling search and also new SA leveling search and information about attributes. In mob lists you can see herb lists and chances for each mob.

21.04.2010 - information has been updated to latest server version, new skill enchant routes has been added. Skill enchant chances are available. In "Fishing" section you can see fishing skills. Armor sets section is fixed.

Please report in forum L2J.RU or by e-mail if you notice a translation or data error.


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